Discount Codes

Elevate your discounting strategy by setting clear boundaries. From special occasions to specific product criteria, Penni Cart ensures every discount aligns with your business needs.

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Tailoring Your Discounts

Adjust, refine, and perfect your discount strategy

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Pre-Schedule Discounts for Best Sales Outcomes

Time your promotions perfectly. Schedule your sales to coincide with key campaigns or seasonal peaks, ensuring you harness the highest potential during prime shopping periods.

Create Unique Discounts For Every Occasion

Every sale is unique. Choose from varied discount types, from percentage reductions to buy-one-get-one offers, to best match your brand and audience.

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Drive Loyalty with Effective Discounts

Offer compelling savings to attract new customers and keep regulars coming back. A well-placed discount can make all the difference in a customer's shopping journey.

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Custom Discount Codes

Design and distribute unique codes, offering your customers the exclusive keys to unlocking some of the most enticing deals available.

Tailored Discount Boundaries

Set specific rules to determine when a discount applies and when it doesn't. From seasonal promotions to specific cart compositions, ensure your discounts resonate with your strategic goals.

Bulk Discounts

As your cart grows, so do your savings. Bulk discounts are designed to incentivize and appreciate customers who shop more, granting them tangible savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Penni Cart simplifies ecommerce for Webflow users. Easily incorporate a fully functional shopping cart into your Webflow site, facilitating a seamless journey from product selection to checkout.

Penni Cart supports payments via Stripe. If you use a different payment method, you can suggest it for inclusion on our Penni Cart wishlist.

Penni cart doesn't need a Webflow e-commerce plan or any other third-party processor like Shopify to work. It only needs the CMS plan depending on your product range.

Yes! Penni Cart offers custom coupon codes that you can set up within our dashboard.

Absolutely! Penni Cart is fully integrated into Webflow. Your entire site creation process takes place within the Webflow designer, from start to finish. With a setup time of under 30 seconds, you'll have a complete ecommerce solution ready for your customers.

Penni Cart prioritizes security for all payment transactions. With robust encryption protocols and compliance with industry standards, we ensure that your customers’ payment information remains protected throughout the checkout process.